Pictures of Women on Greek Vases from the Perseus Web Site

Woman (headcovering) and Old Man London E44

Zenzerling identifies this woman as a prostitute because of her headcovering. See St. Petersburg 644 below.
Man and Two Dancing Women (one headcovering) Munich 2309

Women at a Feast of Dionisius Naples 2419 Side A

Women at a Feast of Dionisius Naples 2419 Side B

Old Man, Young Woman, Warrior, Old Woman (one headcovering) Munich 2415

Vomiting Youth and a Hetaira (Courtesan) Würzburg L 479

A Woman Pouring a Libation Munich 2305

Three Women (one headcovering) Munich 2384 Side B

A Woman Munich 2307

Women Dancing Villa Guulia 909

Nude Hetaira, Labelled Palaisto St. Petersburg 644 center figure

Greek sakkos Nude Hetaira, Labelled Smikra (headcovering—sakkos) St. Petersburg 644 left figure

Nude Hetaira, Labelled Sekline (headcovering—sakkos) St. Petersburg 644 right figure

Nude Hetaira (headcovering—sakkos) St. Petersburg 644 far left figure

Three Women (two headcoverings) and Two Men Munich 2685

A Man and a Woman (headcovering) Palermo 2564

Two Hetairai Playing Kottabos (one headcovering—sakkos) Munich 2421

Flute Player and Dancing Girl (headcovering—sakkos) London E 38

A Girl Playing a Flute, a Veiled Dancing Woman, and a Satyr Munich (private), FR pl. 80, 2

I have generally not included illustrations with satyrs in this list, but the veiled dancing woman is worth noting.

Women Washing St. Petersburg St. 1795

A Woman Helping a Young Warrior to Arm Himself Würzburg L 504

A Woman Offering a Libation to a Young Man Würzburg L 504

Two Men and a Woman Talking Warsaw 198559

Women Saying Good-bye (two headcoverings) Once Berlin F 1655

A Veiled Woman (?) and Two Pairs of Wrestlers Berlin F 2159

Three Dancing (Floating?) Women (one headcovering) London E 804

Three Dancing (Floating?) Women (three headcoverings) London E 804

Four Dancing (Floating?) Women (three headcoverings) London E 804

A Man and Three Dancing Women (one headcovering) London E 804

The above images have been chosen from views that for the most part did not include notable named characters in stories, gods and godesses, mythical creatures, battles, but did include women.
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